Welcome Our mission
LibraSoft, founded in April 2000, is a Software Consulting company specialised in the Portfolio Management sector settled in the Canton of Zug (Switzerland).

Our goal was to develop a new Portfolio Management System, based on the experiences that our employees collected during more than 15 year in the Front-, Mid- and Back-office software development.
We wanted to resolve the most common problems encountered with this kind of application: complex usage, inconsistent developments, inability to control the produced results, and... to realise the promises often made!

This new solution has been developed in partnership with FERI AG, one of Germany's leading asset manager, which needed a centralized system for their ordering, controlling and reporting processes.
The system, called 'Liberty', runs successfully since begin 2003 on more than 70 workstations.

The system is yet commercially available, and could help you to improve your efficiency, too.